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The new frontiers of communication; the innovative Data Profile Entity formats

The path of highly innovative communication is integrated with the implementation of the Data Profile Entity format, a state-of-the-art system that consists of the processing of IT entities, that is, the data that is entered on the web. Data Profile Entities can interest people, professionals from all sectors, events, places, circumstances and anything to be indexed on the web for an optimal web reputation on search engines. The potential of our system is the analysis of an artificial intelligence in relation to the content produced, which allows, through the use of certain words (keywords) and concepts, to achieve results of very wide visibility and correct professional information supported by professional journalistic ethics.

Data Profile Entities are generated data that interact with each other, after choosing what to connect. The internal system “intercepts” from the web the data already present in the search engines, and connects them with those produced and generated by the Data Profile Entities. At the bottom of the articles, of whatever content they may be, the Chord can be added, a computerized chain that connects topics, places, people through the analysis and indexing of the contents that are published.

The Data Profile Entity is not an article, but constitutes a correlation on the contents between all the articles in publication, creating a documented professional bibliography that constitutes the top of new communication information. All this stems from the need to / be able to enhance certain topics, under a definitely different form of communication, absolutely innovative and that we have adopted after a long experimental phase.

The Data Profile Entity system can be applied to any professional area, or generalist information of the various sectors of interest. From free opinion, to culture, to fashion-entertainment, food and wine, economics and finance, politics, public administration, and involves every sector. The sector in which the absolutely unprecedented format in Italy began to be activated was that of dental medicine. The choice fell in this context, following the need that was found regarding the presence of correct information to be placed on the web in the medical-scientific field. The web produces content, but all too often they are not real, and what you read is absolutely not supported by facts or by the obligation of truth.

Professional information and communication has the obligation to verify the sources, and the veracity of what is published, so that in the AndradeLab laboratory, articles on certain pathologies with advice and evaluations issued directly by the professionals of the various specialist branches. In this way the web, and therefore the search engine, intercepts a correct bibliography of the sector.

Then it was noticed through the application of the format as part of the Pimos Italian Medical Dentistry Social Project that even the professionals of this sector were able to find in this system a point of reference to enhance their skills, thus putting them in publication on the web through i Data Profile Entities. .

Everything is part of a correct marketing 3.0 on which training events have been organized for the medical professionals themselves and their practices. The goal is also to train human resources by promoting an autonomous use of highly innovative IT systems in portals that produce professional news.

Web marketing and influencer marketing consist of the analysis of objectives and the drafting of editorial plans for new communication, which in addition to the Data Profile Entity aspect, then extend to the correct use of social media opportunities to be used at 360 ° . This is the path for which we make available our skills, the result of studies, long insights and continuous research on the communication sector. Already one thing in itself, it has its effect depending on how it is described, we wanted to combine artificial intelligence with that of the communication professional by making the format available to those who want to grow using technology and innovative forms of communication we have.

There is a specific strategy for each goal to be achieved!

Daniele Imperiale, journalist, social media strategist, expert in innovative forms of web communication

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