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The seven songs of Rocket House, the artist Francesco Staccioli tells himself

LOS ANGELES – Francesco Staccioli, a talent for music that has characterized him since he was a child, established himself in Los Angeles. In this exclusive interview he reveals briefly and with extreme clarity what are the prospects, the dreams, some already realized, and how many he will still want to achieve. This is the summary:

Q. Music has no borders, as a young emerging artist you moved to Los Angeles, what are the reasons for this choice?

It all started in 2018 when, thanks to a scholarship won at Umbria Jazz, I left for the States to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

After I graduated, I received offers to work with artists and music agencies in Los Angeles and hence the decision to move.

Los Angeles is the world center of the music industry, the scene is competitive but also very stimulating.

Q. Francesco Staccioli as a child, life perspectives, passions, dreams?

I started playing the guitar when I was 8, a bit for fun; everyone in the family plays an instrument out of passion. The guitar has always fascinated me and I have always dreamed of being able to become a guitarist, but I never thought I would fall in love with this instrument so much and be able to live on music.

I started moving in the Italian music scene playing with artists such as Jacopo “Jack” Meille (Tygers Of Pan Tang) at the Hard Rock Cafè Firenze and at the Tuscany Hall.

After years of studies and sacrifices, I managed to make a dream come true and move to America. In recent years I have collaborated with international artists both live and in the studio, such as Eva Sita, Ré Alissa, Tristan Simone and ABRAM.

Q. Tell us about the seven songs that make up your latest Rocket House album, are they linked by a common thread?

Rocket House is a collective of musicians, created by me and Riccardo Gresino in 2018 in Boston. We have united musicians from all over the world (Indonesia, Ghana, Colombia, Hong Kong) and in these years we have had the pleasure of playing in festivals such as Salem Jazz & Soul Festival in 2019.

Last March we released our album “Rocket House”, which is also the name of the band and best represents our music and who we are. The word House is perfect in describing the relationship we have with the musicians and at the same time with the public during the performances. Rocket instead represents the passion we have for space and adventures and pushing the limits.

The leitmotif of this album is the continuous attention to the melodies and the sparkling and groovy arrangements.

Musicians such as Shaddy Oppong (drum), Aubrey Situmorang (bass) Rodrigo Martins (Mixing) and Leonardo Bertinelli (mastering) are part of this collective.


Q. What is Rock music for you?ong>

I grew up with Rock music! My dad has introduced me to many artists and rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Santana, Genesis, to name a few. Electric guitar riffs and solos are the thing that fascinated me the most.

Even after years of jazz studies and with a broader musical language than when I was a kid, Rock a Blues are my roots and part of me and my sound.

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<strong>Q. What sensations do you feel in composing music?</st

Composing music is a rewarding but also a complex process and I think it involves a broad spectrum of emotions. Sometimes you sit down and ideas flow one after the other, other times you have the “block” like the writers. I like to think of composition as an extemporaneous process, which happens on the spot.

Composing for me is to tell your emotions in music, be it happiness, sadness, love or melancholy.

Q. What prospects do you have in Los Angeles?

Definitely keep growing and working. Play live, record in the studio and compose music.

In June I will have the pleasure of participating in NAMM 2022 – the world music fair – as an endorser for the DOPHIX guitar effects company.

In October I will play at the Paramount Theater in New York with Eva Sita

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