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New testimonies on the origin of Covid, in Florida, found symptomatic cases already in the past year

The analysis spread in some American media would show close correlations with infections classified at the time as normal pneumonia

Foreign editorial staff – Documents that start to turn, questions that need answers. There are many cases of severe pneumonia whose symptoms would correspond precisely to Covid 19. And the story of some Florida patients poses serious and concrete reflections that have been spread on the web. These are documents and testimonies that would constitute solid evidence on the following cases: Mary Ellen Ralph, 66, who now lives happily in Crystal River, Florida, would have been infected with Coronavirus last July and fortunately survived without any consequence. She was diagnosed with pneumonia, with ground glass lung images and upper respiratory symptoms. All these manifestations matched those of Covid-19. His blood sample would therefore have been tested and confirmed now by some friends in the hospital such as Covid-19 positive as reported in this link which explains that there would also have been three similar cases in nearby Ocala county from June to August last year , Enna Maulseed, Judy Marie McIntosh and Dean Harris. According to the narrative of the text, they would also have passed a series of tests and were then diagnosed as pneumonia. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it.
This leads us to think of a possible and initial outbreak of coronavirus infections already present last summer in Florida. Apparently, Mary Ellen of Crystal River proved to be one of the first cases in the United States, along with three similar cases and others nearby. All this adds to a conclusion: Florida could be the place where the virus began to circulate as early as mid 2019. Of this hypothesis, the question remains to understand if all this, together with other elements, has been duly assessed in order of pandemic reconstruction.

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