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Secret data of Covid 19: in the States already known in October 2019 but the finger was pointed at China

Pence, Fauci e Trump

Foreign editorial staff – Many questions and doubts that hover at international level on the origins of Covid 19. Finger pointed by the US in particular on China identified as the origin of the spread of Sars-CoV2. That would not be the case. The population continues to be terrified and a gloomy picture has been painted on the diffusive origin, perhaps to distract people from the real course of things. But in the previous months, was it possible that this Covid was not known to a world power like the States?

A topic of great interest on which a Serbian information blog intervenes which clarifies many aspects.

According to this information, it seems that in the States there may be a special secret team for monitoring and controlling the virus called Predict.

And this would be the staff to whom the “COVID-19” virus was already known in October 2019, initially becoming aware that there could be no cure for this type of infection. All long before the public knew about the virus. Data secreted by the American government and for this reason the experts were critical.

According to what was reported by the Serbian source, it therefore seems that “at the meetings of the Predict team, American politicians asked the experts to collaborate in the investigation by opposing China. US technology companies have also been asked to collaborate in the search for secret information on the “COVID-19” epidemic in China. All this evidence and data were to be reported to the State Department and Minister of Health Alex Michael Azar.

In one of the meetings in particular it was announced that the American intelligence service was also deeply involved in the fight against the epidemic and that it has a very important role. In that context, it was said that attention should be paid to recruiting Chinese students in America to engage in the collection of secret data on the study of the vaccine in China. The same recruitment procedure was applied to students of Chinese universities

In essence, the task was also to find secret channels in Chinese technology companies that have points of contact with the epidemic.

In mid-March 2020, the US government would then come up with a “three-step” plan to seek compensation from China. The plan includes: encouraging people to submit applications and, in the second phase, raising the issue of filing applications in each of the US states. Later, key people in the White House would file compensation claims on behalf of the US administration.

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