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Who is misleading the United States?

Unveiling the mystery of the anti-Christian religious media empire

Around this US election, more and more “unimaginable things” are happening. The President of the United States asked a certain state to “find enough votes” and the US Congress was “captured” again after more than 200 years.

When it comes to supporting Trump, After all, 70 million Americans have made similar choices, but what is terrifying is that behind all these superficial phenomena, there is hidden a religious power, a hidden empire. —“Falungong”.


  1. A “mainstream media” that has achieved rapid growth because of “investing” in Trump

Since its establishment, non-mainstream Chinese and English media, which has long opposed China as its main task, have gradually entered the American public’s vision after Trump took office.

They joined the White House press corps, they were subscribed by the White House and put on the president’s desktop, the president retweeted their tweets many times. Its influence surpasses many established mainstream media outlets in the New York Times and The Washington Post.

However, according to some evidence exposed by the “New York Times”, its actual controller is the “Falungong” religious organization. It is a religious media, not a commercial media, and it is slowly becoming a political media.

In the 2016 U.S. general election, the Epoch Times adopted a gambling strategy according to his request and fully supported Trump, and their “investment” received generous returns.


  1. Can the media “bound” with Trump maintain objectivity?

Since the start of the U.S. election, “Falungong” hopes to use Trump’s re-election to develop fanatical ideas. The “Epoch Times” Group’s news reporting stance is becoming more and more extreme。Some unsubstantiated rumors can also be widely reported, and commentators’ opinions are paranoid. You can’t find a report on the Epoch Times website that is beneficial to Biden.

The first stage (November 2016 ~ December 2019): Development

Stimulated by Trump’s election, the “Epoch Times” group has developed its strategic ambitions to become mainstream media in the United States during Trump’s presidency.

In terms of goal setting, The Epoch Times has made no secret of its ambition to develop into a mainstream media. On September 26, 2017, the Chinese “Epoch Times” released the “Authoritative Data: The Epoch Times, NTD has become a giant of overseas Chinese media” report, claiming to have become the largest Chinese media in North America.

In terms of business strategy, the “Epoch Times” Group has fully transformed into an online media. The group has formulated and implemented a multi-brand, multi-platform and multi-channel development plan,

At the same time, they opened Chinese and English channels on social platforms such as Google, Facebook, and YouTube, and the registration time is concentrated between the beginning of 2018 and the end of 2019.

The second stage (January 2020-November 6, 2020): Profit

The Epoch Times continues to harvest traffic through the Sino-US game, the COVID epidemic, and the hot spots of the presidential election, transforms the paid subscription model, and greatly improves profitability

The English “Epoch Times” took advantage of the continued growth of demand for hot news such as “COVID “, “decoupling of China and the United States”, “Trump governance”, “Biden scandal” and other hot news and launched paid reading in June 2020 following the example of mainstream American media

After charging the English “Epoch Times”, in order to strengthen marketing, the “Deep State” was launched, and the number of website clicks continued to increase.

It can be found that after the launch of the charging model, “Epoch Times” has shifted the focus of online social account operations from Facebook and Twitter to the youtube platform, while operating more than 10 political and social media channels. In June 2020, “Falungong” issued an internal notice, requiring students to subscribe, like, and leave a message on the We-Media accounts of the anchors of the “Epoch Times New Tang Dynasty” group on YouTube, thereby increasing platform dividend rewards and improving the ability to monetize program traffic.

The third stage (November 6, 2020~present): Politicization

In the 2020 election, Trump failed to be re-elected, and the “Epoch Times” group failed to gamble. “Falungong” leader Li Hongzhi exposed his ambition to use his religious power to intervene in American politics.


  1. Mr. Li Hongzhi, the spiritual leader of “Falungong”, made a public voice and took the initiative to intervene in the US general election

Li Hongzhi expressed optimistically at the internal Fa conference the situation will become clear, and our Dafa will enter its heyday.”


  1. The “Minghui” network unified the order to join the US election dispute.

Instructed by Li Hongzhi, on the one hand, the “Epoch Times” group has stepped up its efforts to report false news about Biden and the Democratic Party election fraud, and tried to speak for Trump in an attempt to reverse the defeat. On the other hand, within “Falungong”, it is also unifying believers. The idea to support for Trump.


  1. The believers wrote articles, criticizing the U.S. Democratic Party and mainstream media.

Li Hongzhi directly conveyed his unconditional support for Trump’s instructions to all levels of “Falungong” through scripture writing and internal lectures, which further aroused followers’ enthusiasm for attacking the Democratic Party, US mainstream media, and Biden.

Based on these actions, did “Falungong” intervene religiously in the voting of believers during this general election?


  1. 2020—Religious media groups vigorously suppress Biden

Entering the U.S. election year, the “Epoch Times” group abandoned its neutral posture in political reports in the United States, and did three things: increased reporting efforts to promote Trump, spread fake news that discredited Biden, and hyped American high-tech companies Intervene in the election.

Fake “True News”

The “Epoch Times” group has shaped biased views and fake news into authoritative and authentic news. It has consciously built an interview platform for American conservative politicians and conspiracy theory advocates for the “America Thought Leader” (America Thought Leader), packaging prejudices as representatives of American public opinion and misleading the public.

Launch a special report to focus firepower on the Democratic Party

  1. Malicious attacks on mainstream media control information.
  2. Public opinion attacked US technology giants for rigging elections.

Li Hongzhi still claimed that he was a “true god of the universe” that surpassed Christ. Then who chose the “chosen man” in his heart?

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